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Custom Premium website for your business

I build you a custom website.
Having a website depends entirely on how you plan to market your business. At times it’s almost a necessity because your competitor has one, right? With a website your online possibilities are endless; and I design it the way you want.
Built to your specifications (you provide the content)
Unlimited changes to the website (i.e. layout, pages, images)
Optimized for speed
If you are like me and want to make your own path; being able to change the layout and feel of your website at anytime is too much to resist. Now granted sometimes I’m not too crazy about a client’s taste; but ultimately my job is to design what you want. What I mean is that my taste may differ from yours and I will advise you against a particular color; but darn if you really wish to have that pink neon color – so be it. I become your personal web designer.

Website Hosting


I will host your website and manage the domain renewal. That’s another headache you don’t have to worry about.
Choosing the right hosting plan is very important in managing your website. Do you really believe that paying, say $5/month, is going to provide you with a fast loading website? There are reasons why it’s so cheap. Unless you truly do not want your website to receive a huge amount of traffic, stay away from plans that are under $20 as most are shared. Believe me..your speed will suffer. I host all of my sites with Siteground. They offer scalable packages and provide 24/7 customer support which is crucial if your site should go down at 8 PM on Sunday. I host your website and you can focus on your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO) is a popular term in web design. How to get listed on the first page of Google? Can it be done? Surely it can; but it takes time and commitment from you the client as well. What brings traffic to your site is the fresh relevant information you provide, frequently. How can you continusouly be listed at the top if your competitor consistently provides relevant articles that are shared across the web; but you only change your content once a month?
Again you have to evaluate how you are going to utilize your website. Do you really need to be the very first search result when people search in Google or Bing? I would worry if your site is not listed on the 3rd page or beyond. Basically it amounts to ensuring your site is optimized for speed and you have the right keywords AND most importantly relevant content. Speed is important because it is a factor that affects your visitors’ experience when they visit your site. If your site takes longer than 4 seconds to load; it is simply not optimized. Anyone can build a website; but the challenge is to understand how to customize the website and optimize it once it is up and running.

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